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Number Plate Printing


When ordering your new registration with Swiftreg, why not compliment your purchase with a set of our high‑quality number plates to display on your vehicle.


Having a private number plate on your car or motorcycle is the perfect way to share personality traits, make a statement, or show other drivers your job or favourite hobby.


Private number plates can be purchased to suit all makes and models of car, or that are suitable for any budget. With a bit of creative organisation, numbers and letters can read a name, a sport, or anything else that you want your new private number plates to say.


When displaying a personalised or standard number plate on your vehicle there are a couple of things to consider. 


  1. The number plate will need to be fully road legal
  2. It must adhere to the British standard (BS AU 145e)


Any printed number plates will need to conform to specific dimensions, text, and formatting requirements. To ensure that your newly printed number plates meet all the current standards, Swiftreg prints acrylic plates in-house using specialised number plate printing equipment and only top quality materials.


We produce custom and laser cut 4D plates which can be customised using flags and borders to enhance the look of your quality number plates. There is no need to deal with a third party, or even provide proof of ID and logbook details when you purchase a registration with number plates from Swiftreg.


Simply choose your desired registration and make your selection of our high quality plates when checking out. We will also notify you by email when your number plates have been dispatched, and you will receive courier tracking information to track the delivery.


Search for the number plates that you want and select from our huge range of personalised registrations, and get inspiration for creating new number plates by browsing through our available options.

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Choose Your Style


There are two types of number plate styles we offer and each can be selected with the option of flags and borders. All our number plates are fully compliant with the latest rules & regulations.


The first is the standard acrylic number plate that is commonly seen on the majority of UK vehicles. These flexible but tough plates are durable and water-resistant with easy to read characters.


To add a bit extra, there is the option of 4D printed number plates. These eye-catching vehicle registrations feature raised, laser cut lettering that gives a professional look to your 4D number plates and makes the characters really stand out against the white or yellow number plate background.


All Swiftreg private plates are fully compliant with all rules and regulations. 


Standard Acrylic

Standard Reflective Acrylic


These are the style of number plates found on most UK vehicles. Standard number plates made from our high quality acrylic. Weather resistant, durable and hard wearing.

4D Laser Cut

4D Laser Cut


Looking for something a little different? Then opt for our 4D laser cut number plates! High quality 4D raised letters which have been laser cut for a professional and smart finish. Making your new registration really stand out.

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