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Transfer Management Service


Our service is stress & hassle free, we deal with all complications, and there is no need for you to deal with government forms.


Transfer Management is a service we offer to help you avoid the arduous and time-consuming process of transferring your registration over to a new vehicle.

By placing the transfer in our experienced and capable hands, you can feel confident knowing it will be done quickly and efficiently so that you can get your new registration – without the headache.



I Don't Have the Logbook Yet?

You can purchase any registration on our website today even if you do not have a car yet, do not have the V5C log book details, or even if you are buying it as a gift! We do not ask for any vehicle information before you make your purchase, so you can secure the perfect registration today before it's gone!

If you do not have a car yet, buying this as a gift, or simply want to delay the transfer to a specific date - we can do this too! When you provide your V5C log book information, you can select a preferred transfer date which we will work to.

The registration can be assigned on a date of your choice using the Swiftreg Transfer Service



Buying As A Gift


We have many clients whom purchase a new registration from Swiftreg as a gift. We can still provide our transfer service of the registration to the required vehicle.

We would recommend purchasing the registration mark and opt for our transfer service, and you can provide us the V5C log book after you have gifted the registration mark to the recipient. The link to provide the V5C information will be sent to you via email so you can submit these at any time.

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