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Cool number plates ideas for your own awesome personalised registration


Personalised registrations or number plates have always been a status symbol around the world. Previously known for costing a significant amount of your hard earned cash, historically only the elite could afford to splash out on cool number plates. Getting your hands on the best private plates is no longer as costly as it used to be, but there are still some specialised plates out there that cost more than an average house! 


We’re taking a look at some of the *cool number plates we have seen and hopefully this can give you inspiration for your own personalised licence plate. 

*We deem cool reg plates as something that is relevant to the person, has immense novelty value or infers the person is in fact cool. . . even if they are not!


The coolest registration plates



To start us off, this simple personalised plate can be spotted on the Bentley of Lord Alan Sugar and is made up of the initials of his full name. You might have seen it make an appearance on BBC 1 hit show The Apprentice! 


BOX 111G

This is one of our favourite plates owned by boxing legend Amir Khan. Khan has a small collection of boxing related plates, including "V60 XER" and "A180 XER” but this one holds the most punch (pun intended!).


1 KO

Another boxing related tribute to another Great that found fame and fortunes inside the ring. The 1 KO licence plate is owned by former boxing legend Chris Eubank Junior. There was some controversy around the legalities of the plate in 2018, but Chris still loves the stand-out piece!

NO 5 

Funny number plates are hard to come across because they can be a very expensive joke to make! The NO 5 licence plate owned by legendary perfume company Chanel is one of our favourites. You’ll spot this plate on their black Mercedes Van in London delivering - what we can only assume is Chanel No. 5 perfume.


We don’t know whether to laugh at the joke or cry with envy! With a car like this and a personal licence plate guaranteed to cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of pounds, we’re fairly certain that whatever it is, yes this person can.


Once owned by legendary magician Paul Daniels who had this piece on his Ferrari for many years. This is one of the best examples of a personalised 5 letter number plate we’ve seen. Debbie McGee, late wife of Daniels, is selling the number plate for a whopping £150,000!



When it comes to best registration plates, this one takes the prize. This ultimate statement piece was purchased by an anonymous source in 1993 for a cool £231,000. However, if you have your eye on this piece, your budget will need to be much higher now. This piece is definitely one that will have gained value over the years!


This legendary licence plate is currently owned by Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea FC. It’s rumoured he paid £285,000 for the plate. Abramovich is not the first celebrity to get his hands on this plate however; it was once used on the popemobile when Pope John Paul II visited Ireland!



The f1 number plate is one of the most sought after due to its connection with the world famous motorsport. You might think that this plate would have been snapped up by one of the most prestigious drivers in the world, but in actual fact it was purchased by an entrepreneur named Afzal Khan for £440,000. Rumour has it that he has since turned down a staggering offer of £6 million!


The number plate 1 is iconic for the obvious was the very first licence plate ever produced. No wonder then, that this plate is the most expensive ever sold in the UK. Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, an Abu Dhabi resident and entrepreneur, snapped up the piece in 2008 for an eye watering £7.25 million.

Honorary mentions 

Here are some lesser known cool private licence plates that we thought we may give you some more inspiration for your own private plate.


There’s only one James Bond. But you could pretend to be in Her Majesty's Secret Service for the small price of just £240,000. The 007 number plate caused some excitement at an auction in Guernsey, one bidder intent on having this plate on his Aston Martin pulled out for fear that EON studios may pay him a visit. 


Nothing like a bit of self flattery. If you think you’re Awesome, tell the world! 



Most guys won’t be able to find this plate! It definitely makes the list for being one of the rudest number plates. It is lucky not to make the banned list by the DVLA, unlike ORG 45M, BO20 OCK and more.



Another for the rude list, this plate currently adornes a Chevrolet Corvette with some topical accessories hung beneath. How long before this one enters the banned list?


How to create your own cool number plates


You don’t need to splash out a small fortune to have some of the best number plates in the UK. You can create your own custom number plate for a fraction of the price as some of the plates discussed above with a little bit of creativity. The easiest way to design your own unique number plates is to choose a 7 letter word and then substitute some of the letters for lookalike numbers.

Letter Substitutions
A = 4, B = 8, E = 3, G = 6, L = 1 or 2, P = 9, Q = 0, R = 2 or 12, S = 5, T = 7, U = 11, Y = 7.

Most standard licence plates in the UK include a string of 2-3 numbers. For a lot of people, the inclusion of these numbers can put a dampener on their dreams of owning a personalised licence plate but that doesn’t have to be the case. Some numbers look enough like letters that they can easily be incorporated into your dream number plate line-up.

Number substitutions
1 = L or I, 2 = Z or R, 3 = E or B, 4 = A, 5 = S, 6 = G, 7 = T, 8 = B, 9 = J or g, 12 = R, 13 = B

Use our quick substitution guide to swap out some of your letters to create the best private number plate for you. With our huge range of plates in current, prefix, dateless styles and more, you’re sure to find the ideal plate for you. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out some of our featured plates.

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