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Football Number Plates: Ideas For The Ultimate Footie Fan


For some, that’s an impossible question! On one hand, our car is our pride and joy; we drive it every day, we lovingly wax it on weekends and we have a strict no drinks in the whip policy. On the other hand, there’s no greater feeling than being in the stands with our team 1-0 up, beer in hand. 


Luckily you don’t have to choose between the two, and even better you can combine the two great loves of your life. With a football number plate, you can increase the kerb appeal of your car, add value with a personalised plate and support your team in one swoop.

Top 5 most expensive Football licence plates


Football fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal sports fans in the world. English fans in particular, will go to any lengths to express their love of the beautiful game. It should come as no surprise then, that UK football fans are splashing out on luxurious personalised football licence plates. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 most expensive football number plates sold in the UK to date:

1. ALB ION - £24,000

It may be a little obscure for those not in the know, but a true West Bromwich fan will spot a fellow Albion supporter by this licence plate. It’s still a staggering amount of money, but at £24,000, this is one of the cheaper Premier League football number plates on the market.


2. V1L LA - £45,440

Perhaps a little bit more immediately recognisable, even by those who don’t follow the sport, this Aston Villa number plates sold for a whopping £45,440 - a significant jump in price from the ALB 1ON plate that came in at number 5!


3. HU11 CTY - £46,736 

You have to respect the Hull City fan that splashed out £46,736 to show their love of a League One team. They may not be Premier League, but to their fans, they’re clearly the best team in the world!


4. WE57 HAM - £58,320

Currently 5th in the Premier League, West Ham have been a huge name in the game for decades. It comes as no surprise then, that a West Ham plate would come in at number 2 on the list of most expensive football plates (number 1 most expensive team-specific licence plate!).


5. 60 ALS - £150,000

If you’re surprised to see this plate topping the list, so are we. While this football licence plate hasn’t sold yet and so technically may not top our list as of yet, it is currently on the market for a whopping £150,000. If you’re a lover of the game and don’t want to tie yourself to a specific team, this is the licence plate for you - dig deep to find the money for this piece!


How to create your own football number plate


If you’re a big football fan and want to show your support for your team with a football registration plate, but don’t want to splash out thousands of pounds on one of the plates described above, we have you covered. With our guide to creating your own football licence plate, you’ll be able to show your love of the game without breaking the bank.


The best way to create a personalised football licence plate is to use the suffix of the number plate to represent the club name. See our list of abbreviation examples for the top clubs below:


ARS - Arsenal

ASV - Aston Villa

CHE - Chelsea

EVE - Everton

LFC - Liverpool 

MNU - Manchester United

TOT - Tottenham

WOL - Wolverhampton


Bear in mind that not all number plates have three letter prefixes. The kind of plates that work for this structure include:


  • Dateless licence plates (Issued 1903 - 1963)
  • Irish number plates (Issues 1903 - ongoing)
  • Suffix number plates (Issued 1963 - 1982)


Because your football registration plate will be created out of an old-style licence plate, you’ll need to view your licence plate as an investment piece and expect it to cost a little more than a typical registration plate. With Irish number plates in this format still being created, this will be the most affordable options for football fans on a budget. Northern Ireland number plates are entirely legal for use on vehicles registered anywhere in the UK.


The remaining 1-4 numbers on your licence plate (depending on which style licence plate you purchase) can be used to represent your favourite player’s number, or a specific year for your team. For example, if you’re a big Liverpool fan, you could get the licence plate ‘LFC 2020’ - the year Liverpool won their very first Premier League title!


To get your hands on your own football-inspired number plate, search our database now to get the best price for your dream piece!

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