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DVLA Number Plates


DVLA vehicle identification plates or as they are more commonly known - number plates, are the 520 mm by 111 mm government-issued white and yellow perspex signs, displayed on the front and rear of a vehicle to identify ownership.


For a highly personalised look, you can remove the standard number plates from your vehicle and replace them with your own custom personalised registration plate. Private number plates and also DVLA cherished plates are available to buy and can be styled to display anything you choose.


Vehicle registration plates have taken on different formats over the years, including types that are -


  • Pre-1963 number plates that don’t include age identifiers and that have been “cherished” from generation to generation; 
  • Private number plates, with significant number-letter combinations, (names, initials, places, words, or phrases)


Number Plate Styles


The format for the “current style” of number plates was introduced in 2001 and consists of a seven number and letter combination. 


  • 2 letters for the registration location 
  • 2 numbers for the registration year
  • 3 random letters. 




Other styles, such as Suffix number plates, prefix number plates, and dateless number plates provide motorists with a wide combination of different car registrations that can make their vehicles stand out from other road users.











If you would like to get your own DVLA private plates, SwiftRreg can help you to find some great ideas for your personalised plates. Use our simple number plate search system to find the plates that you want.


Is it legal to buy and use DVLA private registration plates


Buying and selling number plates, to displaying your own unique private registration on your vehicle is completely legal. Find your plate then assign your new DVLA number plate easily to your car by completing a couple of simple forms. You can complete the process online and the SwiftrReg team will also be happy to help you.


There are a couple of restrictions you should watch out for when buying your new private plates. The biggest thing you need to be aware of is that number plates cannot be used to make older vehicles appear newer than they really are.


For example: Assigning a 2020 number plate to a 2015 car is illegal as buyers could be under the impression they were purchasing a vehicle from 2020.


Why is Swiftreg the best place to buy DVLA number plates


When you are looking for your new DVLA number plate or cherished plate, Swiftreg can help with search of your perfect registration mark and offer lots of features to assist you with your purchase.



  • A database of over 60 million DVLA number plates
  • Easy search, browse, and filter functions 
  • Finance options allowing you to purchase a plate from as little as £22 per month
  • Fully managed fast-track transfer service and premium quality physical plates


Questions about ordering your new DVLA registration can be answered by our friendly customer service professionals. Whether you are looking for a DVLA cherished plate or a private plate, our associates can help you with your search.


We make your number plate purchase as easy as possible with affordable pricing, secure packaging, and fast delivery. Our purchasing experience is an industry leader designed to make the process simple and painless.


Registered DVLA number plate supplier


Swiftreg are a fully registered DVLA number plate supplier (#62368) and are listed on the RNPS (Register of Number Plate Suppliers). All plates sold through Swiftreg adhere to the laws set out by the DVLA, and are 100% road legal meeting the latest BSAU requirements.


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