DVLA Number Plates

The 520 mm by 111 mm government-issued perspex signs used to identify vehicles are DVLA number plates. Also referred to as DVLA vehicle identification plates or simply, number plates.


Formatting for current style number plates was introduced in 2001 and consists of a seven number and letter combination. Two letters for the registration area, two numbers for the registration year, and three random letters. 


For a personalised look, drivers have the option of removing standard plates and assigning DVLA cherished number plates to their vehicles. These can be -


  • pre-1963 number plates that don’t include age identifiers and that have been “cherished” from generation to generation; 
  • or private number plates, with significant number-letter combinations, (names, initials, places, words, or phrases)


Additionally, suffix number plates, prefix number plates, and Northern Ireland number plates (also called dateless number plates) provide motorists with different car reg identifiers that can make their vehicles stand out.  


There’s an ideal number plate for every driver. Whether it is a DVLA cherished plate or a DVLA private plate, SwiftReg can help. Use our simple number plate search system to find the most personally appealing plate for you.

Is it legal to buy and use DVLA number plates?

The DVLA fully endorses the buying and selling of number plates and it is completely legal. Assigning a new DVLA number plate to a vehicle is done by completing a couple of simple forms. SwiftReg professionals will be happy to help you with this paperwork for a small fee.


To be in full compliance with DVLA registration transfer rules there is one stipulation: Number plates cannot be used to make older vehicles appear newer. 


For example, assigning a 2020 number plate to a 2015 car is prohibited. Based on the car reg identifier, buyers could be under the impression they were purchasing a newer and higher-priced 2020 automobile.


Fortunately, DVLA number plate owners tend to do the opposite and assign an older plate to a newer vehicle. Meaning that legally the transaction requires no more than completing the necessary forms.


Why is SwiftReg the best place to buy DVLA number plates? 

If you wish to buy a new DVLA number plate or cherished plate, SwiftReg can help with a DVLA reg check and offers these features to assist you with your purchase:


  • Huge selection of over 50 million DVLA number plates. 
  • State-of-the-art website 
  • Easy search, browse, and filter functions 


Any questions about ordering your new DVLA registration can be answered by our friendly customer service professionals. Whether you are searching for a DVLA cherished plate or a DVLA private plate, our associates can help.


Swiftreg takes pride in our DVLA number plate purchasing process with its affordable pricing, secure packaging and fast delivery. Our purchasing experience is an industry leader designed to make the process simple and painless.  


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