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4D Number Plates


When ordering your new registration with Swiftreg, why not compliment your purchase with a set of our high‑quality 4D number plates to display on your vehicle. We offer the very best laser cut number plates to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Number plates that are made with 4D characters possess a striking look that is sharp and bold. The 3mm Laser Cut premium jet black acrylic lettering is finished with a shining surface, that is applied to the plate to create an emphasised three-dimensional effect.


Your new 4D number plates are:


  • BS AU 145e compliant!
  • 100% Road Legal
  • Adds next level depth to your plates
  • Pressure wash and car wash safe
  • Professionally laser cut
  • Made from durable, top quality material
  • Industrial strength adhesive bonding



Are 4D Plates Legal?


You can rest assured that Swiftreg adhear to the latest legalisation and current standards so your 4D number plate will be fully road legal.

Three-dimensional characters are legal and compliant with road laws, this includes ‘4D’ number plates, as 4D is only an industry standard name, and they are still classed as three-dimensional.


Highest Quality


Our number plates are produced using only British manufactured components that are of the highest quality. Each plate undergoes a stringent quality control process to ensure that all components and manufactured number plates meet our high standard for quality.


The premium materials used in our production process mean that Swiftreg number plates can be safely washed with a pressure washer without any fear of damage. Weather resistant properties, and in-built durability also keeps number plates protected from harmful sun and UV rays. Number plates will not be at risk of cracking or fading from heat exposure. 


Customer satisfaction is important to us. Our company mission to make your vehicle fun to drive, and stand out on the road. We strive to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the the quality of your number plate and our smooth purchasing process. 


Check out our social media page on Instagram, for examples of our 4D number plates.



Standard Acrylic

Standard Reflective Acrylic


These are the style of number plates found on most UK vehicles. Standard number plates made from our high quality acrylic. Weather resistant, durable and hard wearing.

4D Laser Cut

4D Laser Cut


High quality 4D laser cut raised letters made from premium materials with an attractive finish. Making your new registration look smart and boldly stand out. Looking for something a little different? Then choose our 4D laser cut number plates.

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