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Funny Number Plates


So many drivers now choose to personalise their vehicles with private number plates that display their name, career, or favourite hobby!

However, if this is a bit too serious for you, you might want to consider a personalised registration that reflects a unique personality quirk, makes a cheeky statement, or simply brings a smile to the faces of other drivers. 

Depending on whether your private plate is a prefix, suffix, or current style registration, you can choose the order and format the letters and digits to make the funny statement you want!.

For smart dealers, stock traders or sellers, this plate may be just the thing! 



Want to leave your mark with a bang? This plate will make an explosive impression! And if you happen to be a bomb disposal expert - this registration is perfect!



To convey an original personality or demonstrate a love of music, this plate may be your style...



Some private number plates can be styled to relay a message about who you are or what you are. Drivers born in the 70s may enjoy this number plate!



Whilst younger drivers may prefer something a bit more snappy...



Sometimes private number plates can be designed to be cheeky or even make you look twice to check what they say. Cleverly styled number plates can be formatted in such a way that leave other drivers wondering if it actually said what they thought.


For a quick head turning insult, this private registration plate flashes a slightly insulting message to other drivers!



Or for some classic self promotion,a cherished number plate lets others know how attractive you are... This plate certainly gets the message across! 



As a tongue in cheek statement this private plate will grab the attention of other drivers. 



Some funny private number plates make a statement about the driver or their activities. This private registration would be great for a goods dealer or an estate agent!



Guys that are proud of their looks may be confident enough to display their opinion on this current style private plate...



Potentially the ultimate in funny private registrations, this number plate simply reads ‘The Boss’.



Search for your own funny private number plate on the Swiftreg search engine and design your registration from our range of  styles! Send your own witty amusing message across the roads today! 

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