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Dateless Number Plates


Dateless number plates are popular among vehicle owners and provide a simple, stylish, and distinguished look, without revealing the age of your vehicle. Dateless plates can help you stand out from the crowd with a unique and original registration mark as well as obscuring the actual age of your car.


If you wish to obtain a dateless number plate for your own vehicle you will need to be creative and flexible. There is a limited supply as this style of number plate was only manufactured from 1903 to 1963 making them increasingly rare. But with fewer characters than standard issue registrations and a variety of formatting options they can look absolutely stunning on your vehicle. 


Dateless private plates can be designed with 1-4 numbers and 1-3 letters. They can also be styled in reverse with 1-3 letters first, followed by 1-4 numbers.


Here are a few dateless number plate examples: 




SAM 573


98 KAY


As there is no age identifier, like with other number plates, dateless plates are unaffected by the DVLA age rule that states, “number plates cannot be used to make a vehicle appear younger than it actually is.” The age of the registered vehicle is not apparent with this style of number plate, meaning you can use them on any age of vehicle from new to old. This makes dateless number plates highly appealing to drivers.


What are dateless number plates


From 2001 new or current number plates were designed to consist of seven characters and formatted as:


2 letters

The local memory tag, based upon a vehicle’s purchase location.

2 numbers

The age identifier based upon a vehicle’s initial date of registration.

3 letters

Issued randomly.






This style of plate clearly identifies the year that the vehicle was registered so for those that know how to read it, the age of the vehicle can be easily determined.   


By comparison, dateless number plates with their adjustable format of six or even four digits look tremendous on your vehicle and conceal its true age, giving an air of prestige with the timeless quality. 


5 OS


How to find dateless number plates


Locating your own dateless number plate can be done in a few ways, you can look for sales in your local classified ads, or maybe you know a friend or family member that is selling their dateless number plate. 


Searching online is a faster, easier method of finding the private plate you want. If you are searching for your own unique private registration then Swiftreg can help. We have access to over 50 million number plates and our database contains many styles and variations of DVLA private registration plates.


Dateless plates can be styled to reflect your name, initials, a word or saying. 



(Name - Dan)


AP 9



8055 Y



Remember, replacing letters with numbers such as a ‘3’ for an ‘E’ can open up even more possibilities, so experiment with different formats until you can get the design you want.


Use the Swiftreg number plate search tool to browse thousands of options, check availability, and find your own unique dateless private plate. 

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