Sell Your Private Registration

Swiftreg can advertise your personalised registration on our website which receives thousands of visitors every day.

To list your registration for sale, please complete the form on this page. You will need to inform us of the price you would like to be returned from the sale also.

Unsure Which Price To Set? Use the search facility on our website to look at the price of similar registrations to yours to get an idea of the price to set. You can advertise for a similar price, lower or higher price.

Our Fees: There is no fee to list your registration or advertise with Swiftreg. We will advertise your registration for sale on our website at your asking price + our commission on top. The buyer will pay our fee as part of the transaction when making the purchase.

When we have a buyer for your registration, we will notify you to confirm availability and commence the change of ownership on your behalf.

After you submit the form, we will review your request to list the registration, and approve the registration to be listed for sale.

List Your Reg

  • You can increase/decrease this amount at any time once listed. Please note we do not offer valuations
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