SwiftReg Delivery Information


Once your order has been received and confirmed, SwiftReg will jump straight to action! We typically confirm we have secured your personalised registration within a few hours of your order.


Once this has been completed, a new “Certificate of Entitlement” will be issued. Please allow upto 7 working days for us to process this and to arrive. Once arrived, you can arrange for the registration to be transferred to your vehicle.


If you have opted for our "Fully Managed Transfer Service" then the process can be sooner as we can arrange the the transfer to the vehcile the same day the certificate is processed and in to us providing you have supplied us the required log book information. 


If you have ordered a set of number plates as part of your order, these will be dispatched once the certificate has been fully processed under the standard 7 working days as above. When your set of number plate has been dispatched, we will send you email confirmation so you know they are on their way!


Please remember, you cannot place your newly purchased plate on your vehicle until you have received written confirmation from dvla this is permitted. We can however help with getting your registration assigned to your vehicle to ensure a hassle free process for you. Simply select our “Managed Transfer Service” when checking out to take advantage of this.

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