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How To Order A Private Number Plate


Ordering a personalised registration with SwiftReg is a simple and pain-free process!

Below is our guide which explains how to order your new number plates from start to finish. Select your new plates and follow the easy purchasing steps through to completion. 


If you have any questions about how to order your new plates, please get in touch.



1. Choose Your Registration


Use our powerful search tool, to find your desired registration number by inputting the name or characters that you are looking for. You can also use our Advanced Number Plate Search which will help you perform a more targeted search. 


When ordering your new registration plates, pay close attention to the information shown above the price breakdown. This will display the vehicle age that is appropriate for your new registration.


When placing your order, you will see a message similar to this example:


"This registration can only be transferred onto a vehicle registered on or after March 2019".


Once you are happy with your new plate order and have checked the vehicle information then proceed to checkout by clicking the ‘Secure Your Reg’ button.



2. Completing the Checkout Process


Billing Details

To complete your number plate order, please complete the fields on the checkout page. For billing please enter the address your payment details are registered to. The vehicle may be registered to a different address or in someone else's name if you are ordering the new plates as a gift. This will not affect your purchase.


Nominee Field

Enter your name if you are buying for yourself. If you are buying as a gift, please enter the recipients name.


3. Transfer Service


If you have ordered number plates but are not sure how to handle the legal transfer of the registration, we recommend choosing our "Fast Track Transfer Service”. Place your order for your new plates then supply a few details from the V5C Log Book and we do the rest!


With this option, the legal transfer and assignment of your new registration to a vehicle is all done for you, even if you don’t have the vehicle yet or are not planning on using the registration straight away.  Make your plate transfer stress and hassle-free, with zero complications, and without the need to deal with government forms. We will include the transfer of your current TAX and MOT to your new registration and complete the transfer process as quickly as possible.


You may set a preferred transfer date if you want to give the new registration plates later on as a gift. If you do not have the necessary information, you can order a new number plate and supply the details later via a special link we provide in your order confirmation email.


Our Fast Track Transfer Service is our most popular option as it removes any legal problems and makes the transfer process much smoother. It normally takes less than 24 hours to complete the transfer of your newly ordered plates, so they can be on your vehicle. Don’t forget to notify your insurance company!


Once this transfer is complete you can then display the plates on you car / motorbike and notify your insurance company of the change of registration.



4. Physical Plates


When you order a new private plate, you will need the physical number plates to display on the front and rear of your vehicle. These are sold separately and can be selected at checkout by selecting "YES, I want plates". 


Your new number plates can be customised by choosing a border colour and country flag, and our high-quality printed number plates are:


  • Premium Quality 
  • 100% Road Legal 
  • DVLA Compliant
  • Free tracked delivery
  • Easy ordering
  • No ID needed



4. Payment


At Swiftreg we offer a number of ways to pay for your private number plate order including easy finance options.


Pay by Credit or Debit Card

Spread the cost over 6, 12, and 24 monthly payments


Once you have submitted the order your new number plates will be secured and shipped to you with a copy of the new certificate for your records. 


If you have ordered number plates and chosen our "Fast Track Transfer Service" we will complete the legal transfer and DVLA will issue you a new log book. 


Plates can then be displayed on your car or motorbike and your insurance company will need to be notified of the change of registration.

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