How To Order A Private Number Plate

Buying a personalised registration with SwiftReg is a pain free process!

Below is our guide which explains the entire buying process. however should you still have question please get in touch.


1. Choose Your Registration

Use our search facility find your desired registration number. Pay attention to the important information under the break down of the price. This will advise you on the registered year of the vehicle this can be placed onto. IE 


IMPORTANT: This registration can only be transferred onto a vehicle registered on or after March 2019.


Once you are happy with you chosen registration and read the important information then proceed to checkout.


2. Completing the Checkout Process


Please fill in all the fields required on the checkout page. For billing please enter the address your payment details are registered to.

It does not matter where the car is registered to. The vehicle could be registered to a different address or in someone else's name ie purchasing this as a gift and this will not affect the order.


Nominee Field

This field is optional however if you do have the details then please input registered keep that this registration is to be transferred to, as it appears on the V5C document (V5C Log Book). If you are unsure, please leave this blank.


Optional Extras

If you are new to this and unsure on how to handle the legal transfer of the registration to the vehicle and all other relevant documentation then we highly recommend choosing our "Managed Transfer Service"


Managed Transfer Service

Through our fully managed transfer service. With this option we carry out the legal transfer for you, even if you are not planning on putting the registration on the vehicle straight away. Once we have received your order we will send you an email setting out the entire process and what is required. You can reply back to this email with the V5C document of the vehicle by tacking a picture of it on your phone.

This is our most popular option as it removes any added legal hassle and makes the process much smoother. From receipt of your details it normally takes us less than 24 hours to complete the registering of your vehicle at which point you can then display the plates on the vehicle and notify your insurance company. 


Acrylic License Plates

By default you are purchasing the legal use of the registration. The physical plates to be displayed on the vehicle are sold separately. Please click the tick box if you want to order these with your registration to display the plates on your vehicle.

You can further customise the look and style of the plates to your liking by choosing a different colour border and country flag.


4. How to Pay

At swiftreg we offer multiple ways to pay for your private number plates including finance options.


Credit/Debit Card

Buy Now & Pay in 30 Days

3 Interest-Free Instalments 


Once you have completed the required steps and submitted the order your registration will be secured straight away.


A copy of the new certificate for your registration along with the number plates if ordered during the checkout process will be posted to you.


If you have chosen our "Managed Transfer Service" we will email you setting out the transfer process. All you need to do is reply back to this email with a photo of the V5C Log Book (A picture from you phone will be fine) so we can complete the legal transfer for you.


Once this transfer is complete you can then display the plates on you car / motorbike and notify your insurance company of the change of registration.


Got A Question? 01732 280212