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Best Private Registration Ideas For New 71 Number Plates


This past May saw the highly anticipated release of the new ‘71’ registration for 2021. This is good news for those that are searching for a unique and original personalised private number plate for your new car. Both numbers in the new plate are frequently used as substitutes for letters by private plate owners to make up specific words or phrases, making this a wonderful opportunity for designing a private plate that is just for you. 


The number 7 is often used as a replacement for the letter T or Y, and 1 can be used as an I, L, or T meaning that this new plate number has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility and versatility. Having a private registration means that you can add your own personality to your new ride, create words that reflect your occupation, or even show support for your favourite sports team.


As the new 71 plates can be used in many combinations it has the ability to ‘trick’ the eye into interpreting its digits in a certain way when mixed in with other letters and numbers. Variations like MA71 LOY or CO71 TON can be used to form names and words that made your private registration both personal and original.


If you are looking for a private number plate of your own then try using the SwiftReg search to search available options and find the one you want. Our powerful engine searches through a database of 50 million number plates to display the ones that are relevant to you. 


What kind of plates can I make?


If you are a bit stumped as to what exactly you should put on your private number plate maybe these ideas will help you out. As the new 71 plate is the current registration style, the content will need to be formatted as 2 letters 71 - 3 letters (e.g. GH71 PHK).


Some private plates that are currently available on the Swiftreg site and would make an interesting addition to your vehicle are:







The nice part about the number 71 being so registration plate friendly means that it can be used to create your name easily and affordably. Using the current style, names can often be generated at a much lower cost than in dateless or prefix style plates.


Some current names that are up for grabs are:










If you don’t wish to display your name on your ride then you may prefer something with a sporting slant. The name of your favourite football team, or even the sports you play can be easily created.










Plates that reflect occupations or simply add a witty or humorous word to your car are also very popular with Brits and plates that are a bit cheeky or naughty are always in high demand with drivers that want to add a bit of humour to their ride. 


While these fantastic number plates are all currently available on the Swiftreg site they won’t last forever. Creative number plate owners are jumping on the opportunity to own plates that are original and affordable. 


Head over to SwiftReg today and start your search for your ideal private registration and find a plate that tells the other road users who you are or what you do for a living.

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