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10 Private Number Plates For Golf Lovers


Personalised number plates are a great way to add a bit of fun and lighthearted entertainment to your vehicle. Many people purchase a cherished number plate to convey their name, an important date, or even a hobby. As well as making your car stand out on the road, it can add personality and sometimes even humour to your ride. 


Using combinations of letters and numbers in different formats and plate styles allows creating a private number plate that shows off your favourite sport or team. For golf lovers, many plates are available that will show their love of the sport, displaying recognisable words or phrases associated with the game. Number plates are styled in the prefix, suffix, or current style formats, which can be used to create your unique message. 


Dateless style plates are also an option, but as the most sought-after plates, these can tend to be a bit more expensive. However, if you are not restricted by cost, there are numerous ways to design a private plate that reflects your love of golf. Using different letter and digit combinations to format numbers creatively allows drivers to construct all types of golf-related number plates. These may include the word ‘golf’ or other items associated with the activity such as tournament events, or golfing equipment like tees or clubs. Replacing letters with numbers is a way to create a similar message or a phonetically similar sounding word.

While these plates are popular, there are still plenty on the market that can be used to show your passion for golf. If you would like to obtain your own golfing-related private registration, you can find one using the Swiftreg plate finder. Navigate to the number plate search box and type in the word or phrase you are searching for, and the site will return all available number plates closely matching the word you are looking for. Options are displayed in all number plate styles, and prices are shown below each plate so you can choose one that matches your desired phrase and budget.


Search for your golfing number plate


Using the Swiftreg plate finder will reveal multiple variations of the searched word or term that are available to purchase.

1. G13 OLF

For those that simply want to show that golf is their passion, G13 OLF (Golf) is available as a prefix style plate, while GLF 16V can be found on a suffix style registration. Or you could try GOL 8IN (golfing) as an alternative.

2. M45 TER

Golfers will know that one of the biggest tournaments is The Masters. For fans of the event, the number plate M45 TER can be used to display the most important day in the golfing calendar on your car. 


3. US60 PEN

Followers of the US Open can style their plate as US60 PEN to celebrate this iconic tournament. 


4. T888 OFF

Golf games start on the tee and this can be displayed on your vehicle with T888 OFF as a prefix style or  OFII TEE as a current style registration to show other fans that golfing is your sport of choice. 


5. C1 UBS

No game of golf can be played without your clubs, and if you want a premium registration, then C1 UBS and CLU 88S are waiting for you on the Swiftreg site. A slightly cheaper version is available as a prefix registration that reads C3 UBS.  


6. PUT 73R

For more clubs, related plates PUT 73R (putter) and DR19 VER (driver) are great options for the golfing aficionado. 


7. GO53 LDY

For those female golfing fans, plates can also be styled that are gender-specific, for example, GO53 LDY (Golf Lady) is a great option for a female fan and MI55 GLF would be another great choice. MI55 (Miss), M17(Mr.) are popular prefixes for private registrations. 


8. MR60 OLF

If you’re a Golf mad guy, this plate is perfect for you. Show all the world you are MR60 OLF (Mr. Golf).


9. 9 HLS

Other sought after choices are plates that designate golf courses such as 9HLS (9 holes) or 18 HLS (18 holes), demonstrating the car owners affiliation with golfing as a pastime or simply. 


10. G4 EEN

For something a little more subtle, you may go for something like G4 EEN that reads as ‘green’ for putting green. 


11. E84 GLE (Extra Bonus)

For those of you that are bringing their ‘a game’, plates like E84 GLE or AL68 OSS are perfect for you. If your game is a little rusty, or you want to buy a gift for someone as a playful dig, a plate like B066 GEY (bogey) works really well.


While there are many private number plates available that will closely match words and phrases, you may be looking for a specific word or golfing term to use on your registration. Swiftreg has the capability to search for individual numbers and letters. Using the advanced search, users can enter their chosen letters and digits into the drop-down menus. The engine will search thousands of available number plates and return any matches that are available. Your private number plate may then be purchased directly from the Swiftreg site and all the necessary documentation can be handled online to transfer the plate to your vehicle quickly and easily.


To get your hands on your own football-inspired number plate, search our database now to get the best price for your dream piece!

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