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Best Ideas From The SwiftReg Number Plate Finder


Adding a private number plate to your vehicle is a great way to differentiate it from similar cars on the road. Using a number plate finder can help you search through thousands of plates to locate the one that best suits you. 


Although it’s a great addition to your vehicle, finding the right registration plate can be a challenge. We have millions of plates available to buy so narrowing your search down to find your ideal plate may take a little while. Dedicate some time to your number plate search, filter down all the available plates using words and styles which interest you to find your perfect car number plate. 


Swiftreg has a database of over 50 million private number plates and registrations can be found in all the different number plate styles.


  • Prefix - 1 letter, followed by 1-3 numbers, and 3 letters. (e.g. K752 LPH)
  • Suffix - 3 letters, followed by a number that could be 1 - 3 digits, and 1 letter. (e.g. FJH 348S)
  • Current Style - 2 letters, 2 numbers, and 3 letters. (e.g. SF14 HBK)


Dateless style number plates, which give no indication of the vehicle’s age, are also available. These types of private number plates are rare, highly desirable and can cost a bomb. Most of the top 10 most expensive number plates ever sold are dateless plates.


How to find a private number plate


Using the Swiftreg search engine for your number plate search could not be easier. Simply enter your word or phrase, check out these cool plate ideas for inspiration, in the search bar and let our system do the work for you. Check out all the related plates in all of the available registration styles and pick the one you like best.


For example, if your name happens to be ‘Frank’ entering that into the search engine will provide hundreds of results. The available plates are listed in sections depending on whether the number plates found are prefix, suffix, or current style.


Some of the plates available for ‘Frank’ are;


Prefix style


Current Style


Suffix Style.


While names are a perfect way to stamp your personality on your car, other ideas for number plate searches that are popular are sayings, hobbies, or sports teams. A registration plate search for the football team ‘Chelsea’ gives us a number of different choices in various number plate formats.


Current style


Prefix style


Dateless style



What if I can’t find my registration?


As car registration plates have to follow specific combinations of letters and numbers it can sometimes be tricky to find the exact phrase you are looking for. This is where a bit of creativity can come in handy. If your number plate search is not providing you with suitable results, think about switching some letters around, or replacing letters with numbers.


Commonly seen switches when using a car plate finder is to use a ‘7’ as a ‘T’ or ‘Y’, a ‘4’ as an ‘H’ or a ‘3’ as an ‘E’. Changing a letter for a number can provide you with an expanded search and a larger number of registration options to choose from. To find a number plate that is customised for you, the Swiftreg Advanced Search will allow you to search for combinations of specific letters and numbers in prefix and current plate styles.


Use the drop-down menus to choose from available letters and enter ones of your choosing in the appropriate search boxes. The engine will search the millions of registrations that are in the database and return options that are available for purchase.


A popular prefix for car number plates is ‘BUS7’ (BUSY), and using the current style number plate search box reveals available plates that read as follows:


Busy Daz (Busy Darren/David)


Busy Mad (Busy Madeline/Madison)


Busy Mam (Busy Mam/Mum)


Prefix style plates can sometimes be harder to find due to limited availability and cost, but the Swiftreg private number plate search can make life easier. By using the drop-down menu and choosing letters words or phrases can be designed that are witty or humorous to other drivers on the road.


All kinds of different words can be created that will make other road users chuckle like:








Playing around with letters and numbers using the advanced registration finder will give you variations of your word or phrase. To add your own personality to your vehicle, think about things you like to do or hobbies you enjoy. A variation of your name or the job you do could also make a great reg plate.


Finding that perfect registration feels like you have hit the jackpot, but if it doesn’t quite fit your budget remember that there are other number plate formats that you can use. Many of which may come close to your desired private plate but at a substantially lower cost. Current style plates are versatile and when searching for a private plate this format often has more alternatives available than other registration formats. 


Final Words


Swiftreg will cut down the time it takes you to find your own personalised number plate. With our up to date search system and millions of available plates, we are confident you can find a private registration that suits you perfectly.


Start your number plate search today at Swiftreg and make your car the envy of other drivers on the road.

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