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Why Get A Private Number Plate?


Expressing your own individuality can be done in many ways, but a popular choice is by personalising your vehicle with a private number plate. Replacing the standard DVLA registration plate with a number that’s formatted in an original style, is a great way to stamp your own identity on your car or motorbike. 


Number plates can be designed in numerous letter and number combinations to design plates that are fun, display your career, or that simply make really cool registrations. Within reason, plates can be made to reflect anything; a fun saying or word, your name, or your favourite team. With a bit of creativity and imagination, the options can be unlimited. 


Private plates are an investment


With plates ranging in price from just a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds, the price is often driven by scarcity and popularity. Highly sought after terms that are in high demand will cost more as will short plates, and values can increase over time. 


For example, the number plate ‘F1’ sold for £440,625 back in 2008. Its current asking price is in the region of £10 million which is a substantial increase. Finding a plate that is rare can be an investment with the value of the registration increasing. So you may find that the private registration you buy today, doubles or triples in price after a number of years. 


Private plates don’t have to be expensive


If you want to make your car stand out from the crowd by adding a private plate but are on a limited budget, don’t worry. Many variations of private number plates can be found that come at much cheaper prices, sometimes saving hundreds of pounds. 


Using letters to replace numbers or selecting a plate that reads as your chosen word phonetically are ways that many private plate owners get the plate they desire, without paying thousands of pounds. 


For example, this number plate that reads ‘SCOTTY’ reflects a popular name and retails at £29, 680.


But with a bit of creative letter changing, number plate options can be found for less than a third of the price. Just changing the 2 numbers on this plate drops the price to £5999, almost £24,000 less than the original plate. 


Plates that come in different formats such as prefix and suffix style give the opportunity to construct words and use letters or numbers to substitute each other. Changing the format means that the private plate might work better with your chosen names, word, or phrase, so it is worth using the Swiftreg advanced search tool to view numerous options and find available private plates. 


On occasion, you may find that you cannot find a substitute or are unwilling to use one. If there is a plate that you just have to have and no replacement will suffice, then you could consider spreading the cost of your number plate and paying in smaller instalments. To make this process simple and easy Swiftreg allows private registration plates to be purchased using Klarna, so you can get the private plate you want safely and easily. 

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