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What are the best Dateless Plates?


Buying the right number plate for you can be a challenge, due to the vast number of options to pick from, including type, style and format of the plate.In this short article we’re looking at some of the best dateless plates to give you that inspiration to create a number plate that’s perfect for you!


When creating a number plate, letters and digits can be used in different combinations to make words and phrases that represent things like the name of the driver, a profession, or even a favourite team or hobby. Plates can range from serious to hysterical and some can run into thousands of pounds


The more popular the personalised registration plate, the more value it will hold so some very popular words or phrases can end up costing quite a bit. 


The registration number ‘1’ is famously owned by Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Kouri. The property mogul from Abu Dhabi paid an astounding £7.25 million for the private plate back in 2008. It is the highest sum ever paid for a private number. Generally speaking the shorter a number plate is, the more expensive it is so that could, in part, account for the extremely high price tag. 


Assuming that your budget doesn’t quite run into the millions, there are many cheaper plates to choose from. One of the most popular is the ‘dateless’ style of plate. These versatile plates are created using a combination of 1,  2, or 3 letters/numbers in different combinations such as (28 TL, 8928 EL, or 835 RAS).


Dateless registrations were originally issued with letters first, then two-letter, and finally three-letter combinations. When combinations ran out the pattern flipped so that numbers were first, followed by letters. So registrations like 1 JKB could have a reversed format like JKB 1 issued many years later. 


What makes these plates so popular is their dateless quality. As well as being unique they give no indication of the age of the car. One of the most searched for private number plates in the UK is ‘Boss’. Some good examples of dateless plates for this term are:






These plates are still quite expensive but cheaper dateless private plates can still be found. If you are prepared to be flexible with your numbers and letters you may still find a great plate. Names are popular for cherished number plates and dateless versions can include:








Using different combinations can often provide great results and substituting numbers for letters can give you more options. 8 is often used to replace B, 5 can be used as an S, and 1 can be used as an L or an I.


Names and models of cars are a popular choice for dateless registrations and car hobbyists are frequently seeking plates that match their car such as:


BMW 545




Or simply - 




If you are looking for your own dateless number plate then head over to the SwiftReg search page and enter your desired word or phrase into the search bar. The system will search the thousands of private number plates available in our system and return those that are the closest match. 


If you find the plate you want we can help you with the purchase and legal transfer of your cherished number plates so you can get them on your vehicle as fast as possible and impress your friends and colleagues.

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