Sell Your Number Plate

Sell your number plate completely FREE with Swiftreg.

If you are considering selling your private number plate then have your car registration viewed by thousands of potential customers by listing it with Swiftreg. We sell hundreds of private number plates every week and earn some of the highest possible prices for private number plate sales.

Swiftreg is the best place to sell your private number plates with access to:

  • Reach over 1 million buyers a month
  • No fees or contract for selling your number plate
  • Easy to use platform for managing your sale
  • Fully managed ownership transfer

If you would like to sell your personalised number plate we can help you make the entire sale and transfer of your car registration quick and painless with our fully managed sales process.

Once the sale of your private number plate is approved, potential buyers will be able to view your plates online. As soon as the purchase is confirmed we will notify you and begin the transfer process to change ownership of the private plates in a smooth and seamless transaction.

Set Your Own Price

Have full control over the sales price of your private number plates and decide how much you would like to sell your personalised registration plates for. Swiftreg does not provide valuations for private plates, but you can use our search tool to browse similar registrations and set your own price.

You are free to advertise your private plates at a price comparable to similar registrations or set your price lower or higher as you choose.


Advertise your private number plates for sale with Swiftreg and pay no fee for the sale or advertisement of your registration plates. We will advertise your plates at the price you set and add our commission on top. As part of the sales transaction, the buyer will pay the commission. Meaning, that there is absolutely no cost to you for selling your private plates.

To list your private number plate for sale with Swiftreg, please complete the form.

List Your Reg

  • Use the search facility on our website to look at the price of similar registrations to yours to get an idea of its value and price to set. You can increase/decrease this amount at any time once listed.
  • Please note we do not offer valuations

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