Private Number Plates For Motorbikes

Having a private number plate on your car adds a touch of style and originality to your vehicle. Many car owners opt for a private plate to give their vehicle a flair that is not possible by using the standard-issue style of registration, choosing to have a plate that displays a tailored sequence of numbers and letters. Some rules and restrictions must be abided by, but generally speaking, acquiring your customised number plate is a relatively easy process.


If you ride a motorbike, then there is no restriction on changing the standard plate to a personalised number plate for your ride. Whether you’ve got a cruiser, sports bike or tourer, your pride and joy deserves a personality and what better way to do it than with a private plate.


These popular and personally styled motorcycle number plates can be a nickname, denote a hobby, or even display the vehicle’s model. It puts the finishing touch on your motorbike that makes it stand out from similar vehicles and sets it apart from the rest.


Along with having a cherished number plate that adds your mark to your vehicle, a custom number plate can be a great conversation starter among friends, family, and other riders. Having a personalised registration can be used to create a plate that is unique, or simply to display a fun message to other drivers on the road. 


Having a private number plate for your motorbike adds a certain amount of flair, but it can also bring some practical benefits. It makes your vehicle easier to recognise and, for that reason, can help to deter theft. For bikers that like to go for long rides and explore new areas, having a more recognisable plate gives a sense of security that the motorbike is safer from the risk of being stolen. 


Creating a unique plate with your preferred combination of letters and numbers can be used to display anything you wish, with certain restrictions. The numbers and letters follow the same format as car number plates, with specific combinations of acceptable characters.


The styles that may be used for customisation purposes are:


  • Current Style  

2 letters, 2 numbers, 3 letters (BH13 HYF)


  • Prefix style

1 letter 1 number, 3 letters (A1 YFG)


  • Suffix style

3 letters, 3 numbers, 1 letter (KLW 675M)


  • Dateless style

1, 2, or 3 letters/numbers in different combinations (56 TL, 8928 EL, 835 RAS)


Any of these number and letter combinations may be used to create a unique number plate for your motorbike. However, it is worth noting that the dateless style of a personal number plate is the most highly sought after, and as they are in such high demand, they are typically the most expensive of the private plate styles. Dateless plates can be added to any vehicle and the dateless quality makes them appealing to many vehicle owners.


For motorbike number plates, the size and shape differ from those seen on cars. Number plates for cars are a long narrow rectangle with letter and numbers reading in a continuous line from left to right. By comparison, motorbike plates are designed as a more even, almost square design with characters placed across 2 lines, one below the other. This should be taken into account when designing your personal number plates, as the character placing may impact the message that you wish to convey.


Finding your personalised number plate will depend on the availability of the letter and number combination that is being sought. Following the format structure listed of prefix and suffix style plates, availability can be checked by using Swiftreg’s personal number plate search to find your preferred private number plate to display on your motorbike.


Personalised Number plates of all styles and formats are available for purchase and the Swiftreg team are always standing by to help with any questions.

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