LEZ 9441
This registration can be transferred onto a vehicle registered any time.

Registration LEZ 9441


Registration Vat @ 20%


DVLA Transfer Fee (Compulsory)


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LEZ 9441

Don't Have A Car Yet / Buying As A Gift?

If you don't have a car yet, you can still purchase the registration today, and assign it at a later date! If you are purchasing this registration as a gift, you can gift the recipient the certificate for them to assign also either straight away or at a later date!

Fast Track Transfer Service

You can also choose our 'Fast Track Transfer Service' on our checkout page for a hassle free assignment of this registration to your chosen vehicle. You can supply the vehicle information after purchase (or at a later date), and we will handle all the documentation and transfer to get this registration on your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

This registration LEZ 9441 can only be transferred onto a vehicle registered any time

DVLA specify that you cannot make your vehicle appear newer than it really is. For example, you cannot assign a registration issued in 2012 onto a vehicle registered in 2005. 

The vehicle must also require tax, be MOT testable (not exempt) and not a 'Q' plate.
You sure can! 

It is advisable to order sooner rather than later so we can process the order for all the relevant legal paperwork to process and come in to send to you along with the set of number plates if ordered.

The only information we require is the name of the person that the vehicle is registered to. You can tell us this during the checkout process.

You have up to ten years to assign the registration to a vehicle. You can either do this when you are ready to give the registration as a gift to the person intended or they can do it themselves or if you have opted for our fully "Managed Transfer Service" we can handle this for you.

For full details on the ordering process please see our Number Plate Ordering Guide
Yes -  You can still purchase in advanced.

When you purchase the registration LEZ 9441 it will automatically be held on your retention certificate which is sent to you. This is valid for up to 10 years for when you decide to transfer this to a vehicle.
Sure, we will request a registration retention certificate to be issued to you. This will hold the registration for a period of 10 years, which you can extend should you wish. This does not incurr any additional costs.
Please note: The DVLA transfer fee is always payable at the point of purchase, but you will not be charged again when you assign your registration mark at a later date.
We definitely can! We offer a Fast Track Transfer Service

With this option we carry out the legal transfer and assign your new registration to your vehicle for you, even if you are not planning on putting the registration on your car straight away or got the car yet. Our service is stress & hassle free, we deal with all complications, and there is no need for you to deal with goverment forms. We get the transfer completed as quickly as possible. All we require is a few details from the V5C Log Book which you will be asked for after making payment and we do the rest!. If you do not have the V5C yet then this can be supplied at a later date.
This is our most popular option as it removes any added legal hassle and makes the process much smoother. From receipt of your details and the registration certifice being processed it normally takes us less than 24 hours to complete the registering of your vehicle at which point you can then display the plates on the vehicle and notify your insurance company. 

This option is available during the checkout process, please be sure to tick the box for our "Fast Track Transfer Service" at checkout.

For full details on the ordering process please see our Number Plate Ordering Guide
We only require the keepers name of the vehicle you wish to transfer this registration onto. You can enter this during the checkout process.
If this

For full details on the ordering process please see our Number Plate Ordering Guide
For full details on the ordering process please see our Number Plate Ordering Guide

Buying a personalised registration with SwiftReg is a pain free process!
1. Choose your desired registration
2. Purchase this on our secure website
3. Once your purchase is received, we will secure your registration immediately
4. A Certificate of Entitlement will be sent to you ready for you to assign the registration to your vehicle
5. If you opt for our "Managed Transfer Service", we will transfer it to your vehicle for you (This can be selected during the checkout process)
6. You can either purchase your own set of number plates for your registration, or let SwiftReg provide these for you (This can be selected during the checkout process)
7. Once the transfer is complete. Then you can place your new number plates on your vehicle
8. If you don't wish to assign the registration to a vehicle just yet, the Certificate of Entitlement is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. You can assign your registration to a vehicle in this time, or extend this period if you require.
Despite the current Corona Virus Pandemic SwiftReg remains open for business. We are still working and your order will still be processed and help with your buying and selling registrations.
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