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Where Is The Best Place To Sell My Private Number Plate?


Do you own a personalised number plate and want to find out how much it’s worth? Whether you’re selling for cash or to go towards a new number plate, you want to sell it at the best price. The rarity of the numbers and the popularity of the plate’s message will determine the sales price, and in our guide, we’ll take you through the process of valuation and the options you have for selling your private number plate. 


Anyone wishing to sell their private registration has a couple of options open to them. Sales and transfers can be handled privately by advertising online or by using classified ads to locate potential buyers. In this instance, the transfer of the plate to the new owner will need to be handled using the appropriate DVLA forms to assign the plate correctly.


Sales of private number plates may also be conducted using a broker or a professional private number plate selling service to facilitate the transaction. The professional service will handle all aspects of advertising and locating a buyer so that you can make a sale quickly and easily with less fuss. Using this method also means that the selling service will handle the payments and the number’s transfer to the new owner.


How are private plates valued?


The popularity of the plate’s content will determine how big a market there is for your specific number plate. Depending on how large or small the pool of buyers is will affect the plates price. The same goes for the popularity of your registration number. For example, a plate that reads ‘007’ is very highly sought after among large numbers of James Bond fans, while a plate containing your initials will only appeal to buyers that share the same initials. 


To set a sales price for a personalised number plate, a few factors need to be considered. The novelty factor and age are two of the most important considerations when it comes to valuing plates for resale. Short, ageless or dateless plates tend to have the highest values. Plates that contain numbers and letters like ‘A1’, for example, tend to command the best prices. 


For a private registration valuation, the following items are assessed:


  • Market demand
  • Novelty or desirability
  • Age indicators
  • Rarity
  • Registration length
  • Price comparison


The private number plates that appeal to buyers the most are shorter registrations with fewer characters or registration plates that designate a popular word or phrase, such as a witty comment or a sporting activity. Demand can fluctuate quickly so it is important to obtain an accurate valuation of your private number plate. Using a service like SwiftReg helps you get the best price and save time. 


Selling a private number plate using a professional service


Having your number plate valued professionally can help to determine a price that will position your plate favourably to prospective buyers. Identifying the correct price which hits the sweet spot means that your registration can sell faster before the price fluctuates. Plates that are priced too high will suffer from a lack of interest, while pricing that is too low means that you could be cheating yourself out of profit. 


Switfreg has qualified staff on hand to research and compare your number plate to similar registrations and advise an appropriate price based on all of the valuation factors. To have your number plate valued by our experts, submit your information using this form. You can set your own price and we will provide feedback with our recommendations usually within 24-48 hours.

Once the price has been set we can list your number plate for sale on the Swiftreg website, where we have thousands of buyers looking for new personalised plates every day. Advertising a registration on your behalf is a completely free service and with thousands of visitors daily, you can be sure you are reaching the widest audience possible and getting the best price for your cherished plate.

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