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Personalised Number Plates For Gym Junkies


Private number plates are a fantastic way to add a touch of personality or humour to your car. Unique registrations are tailored to convey all kinds of messages to other road users. Some of the best plates are those that reflect your name, job, or hobby.


If you are a fitness fanatic or a self-confessed gym addict then you may want to get a private registration that reflects your passion and shows the world that you are committed to fitness. Private plates are available in various styles that can be formatted to show off your healthy hobby to everyone else on the road.


The SwiftReg plate finder can be used to find your own special fitness number plates from our database of over 50 million registrations, and if you are a gym junkie then there are a number of options for you. Many number plates are for sale that displays the word ‘gym’ or to proudly display your dedication to health and fitness.


A quick search reveals that the premium registration of GYM 5K is available, perfect for runners.



If some of the options are not to your liking then you can try using the SwiftReg Advanced Search tool to select individual letters and numbers. The engine will search available registrations and list any that are available.


A quick check of the advanced search provides some economical options for private number plates that will suit fitness fans.








Search as many combinations as you like and save them to your wishlist to help you find the ideal private plate.  With a huge database of private car registrations, you will be sure to find a number plate that will suit your passion (and budget). However, there are a couple of restrictions. Plates must be formatted to meet DVLA specifications, and plates cannot be used that would make a vehicle appear younger than it really is.


Even with those limits, there is still a range of appealing registrations that can be designed for your car. Choose from a selection of dateless, suffix, and prefix styles to find the right combination of numbers and letters that announce your addiction to the gym.


Celebrity Private Number Plates


Private number plates are popular with many people and even celebrities use their car registration to convey who they are or what they do. Some well-known personalities use their car registration to identify themselves or their occupation.


Boxer Prince Naseem has the private number plate that reads ‘NAS 1’, and professional world title belt holder Chris Eubank Jnr is the owner of a car registration reading ‘1 KO Famous javelin thrower Tessa Sanderson displayed the legend ‘5 TES’ on her Mercedes and there are numerous footballers, cricketers, and other sportsmen and women that possess their own specially designed number plate.


Even if you are a celebrity, the availability of certain private number plates is limited. If someone has the plate that you want, then you will need to find something else as plates cannot be legally duplicated. Transferring numbers and using them as letters is a common way to design your private plate and get around limited availability.


For example; a number 4 can be used to replace an ‘A’ or an 8 can be used as a ‘B’.


So if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a premium celebrity dateless style number plate, you can still come up with good options by using a bit of imagination.


A great example is by using 11 to replace the letter T,  it would give gym-goers or weight trainers the perfect number plate of:




Or with a bit of creative substitution:




Or you could use the simple statement of :




Try using different combinations and variations to see what plates you can come up with to display your gym habit to the world. SwiftReg handles all the DVLA transfers for you to make your private plate purchase and transfer stress-free.


Don’t have your vehicle yet? No problem. You can still buy your personal number plate and SwiftReg will handle the retention of your registration so you can hold your private plate until you are ready to use it.


If you are a regular gym-goer use the SwiftReg Advanced Registration search and find a current style or prefix style plate that will look perfect on your vehicle. 

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