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10 Best Number Plates From The Movies


Making your car look super cool with a unique or original number plate is not just reserved for vehicle owners. Stars of the movie screen have also featured some cool and unique number plates, displaying original characters or notable digits that make their vehicle easy to identify. Some private registration meanings are obvious while others are more obscure like the Blues Brothers ‘BDR 529’, a tribute to the Black Diamond Riders motorcycle club. 

Here are some more famous movie number plates with suggestions for similar alternatives from the Swiftreg site.

1. Iron Man/Avengers

For Marvel fans the Iron Man series features billionaire Tony Stark. As money is no object for Tony he has collected a number of luxury cars, each fitted with its own private registration. Stark likes nice cars and his lineup includes a Shelby Cobra and an Audi R8. Different cars are featured in different Iron Man and Avengers movies and the number plates Stark 33, and Stark 4 have been spotted along with Stark 11.


Swiftreg alternative - ST71 ARK


2. Batman

Staying with the superhero theme the long running Batman series has transformed the character from a comic book story into a multi million dollar movie franchise. Batman has been played by George Clooney, Christian Bale, and the upcoming 2022 film will feature Robert Pattinson of Twilight vampire movie fame. However, in the 1960s version of Batman the number plate BAT 1 appears. It is not the only registration to appear on the Batmobile, but it is the most sought after. 


Swiftreg alternative - 1 BAT


3. Back to the Future

Dr. Emmet Brown famously converted a Delorean DMC-12 into a time travel machine with the addition of the highly advanced Flux Capacitor and plutonium power. High school student Marty McFly is sent back 30 years in time where he encounters his own parents during their high school years. The Delorean sports its own nod to the movies theme with the private registration plate OUTATIME. 


Swiftreg alternative - OUT IT


4. Lincoln Lawyer

The 2011 movie stars Matthew McConaughey as Los Angeles defense attorney Mickey Haller. Mickey is famous for conducting business from the back of his Lincoln Town Car, preferring to hold meetings on the back seat rather than in a traditional office. In a nod to Mickey's profession and his history of defending criminals in court, the California issued license plate displayed on his black Lincoln reads NTGUILTY.


Swiftreg Alternative - NT54 LTY


5. GhostBusters

A recent remake of the successful 80s Ghostbuster film featured and all female cast including Melissa McCarthy. But in the original version the guys drove a converted Cadillac to their emergency calls known as the Ectomobile. The cars red and white coloring complete with fin and ghostbusting equipment mounted on the roof rack was easily identifiable. But just be sure the vehicle was fitted with number plates reading ECTO-1.


Swiftreg alternative - 10 CTO


6. James Bond 007

The James Bond movies have featured a number of different actors, and different vehicles throughout the years. Possibly the most memorable car was the Aston Martin DB5 from the 1965 film Goldfinger. Along with the bullet proof windows and hidden ejector seat button it featured the private number plate JB 007.


Swiftreg alternative - B9 OND


7. Cruella De Vil

Even Disney characters like to have their personalised number plates. In the film 101 Dalmatians, dog-napping villain Cruella Devil travels around in a classic car. The number plate based on the fur-coat-wearing heiress's name reads DE VIL.


Swiftreg alternative - VIL 4


8. Jeeper Creepers

A brother and sister travelling home from college make a gruesome discovery in this horror movie. They end up being pursued by a terrifying creature, made all the more frightening by the fact the truck he drives has a private number plate of ‘BEATINGU’ (Be-Eating-U).


Swiftreg alternative - EA70 YOU


9. Auston Powers

International Man of Mystery Austin Powers is stuck in the 60 with beliefs and sensibilities that are often incompatible with present day values. That may explain why his private car number plate ‘SWINGER’ reflects his ‘Groovy Baby’ personality perfectly. 


Swiftreg alternative - SW61 GER


10. Spiderman

Flash Thompson is a high school jock and somewhat of a bully. He picks on Peter Parker but ironically admires Spiderman. His Audi is graced with private registration plates that display FLASHDRV.


Swiftreg alternative - F1 ASH

If you are looking for your own movie style private registration then Swiftreg has hundreds of options to choose from that will suit all budgets. Just visit the Swiftreg search engine to find options that are closely linked to your favourite film characters personalised number plate. 

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